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Sensortree and Atomdash are day one on the Apple Vision Pro

Sensortree are excited to be part of the spatial computing journey with our chemistry tutoring app Atomdash now available as a native visionOS app from day one.

We’ve been super excited for the new Apple Vision Pro from the moment it was announced at last year’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference. Our team started learning and testing with proof of concepts from the moment the new SDK was available and we have so many exciting ideas for products we could help bring to this new category.

Atomdash seamlessly blended with your physical space

We’ll be the first to admit, a periodic table and chemistry tutoring spatial computing application is a niche use case if there ever was one. But in a world where technology is quickly applied by educators to assist in their goal of motivating and educating young minds, we’re excited to be able to provide the tools to provide engaging education experiences, whatever they might look like.

Spatial computing on visionOS is a category we’re excited to be a part of and we’re committed to supporting the platform on our own and our client’s apps. We’re in the first few days of an entirely new product category and way of interacting with apps that opens the door to more possibilities than can be imagined.

Sensortree are mobile app developers located in Brisbane, Australia – if you’ve got a use case you think would suit the Apple Vision Pro, get in touch with us today for a chat.

Available on the vision OS App Store now

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have gotten your hands on an Apple Vision Pro already, you can download Atomdash from the visionOS App Store right now.